Labidose Epidermal Re-juvination Program



Labidose Skin Rejuvenating Program

Labidose products are designed to use the best of ancient herbal tradition with ultra-modern manufacturing techniques. Labidose products use only the highest quality ingredients under strict FDA guidelines.

Labidose is a powerful detoxifying and soothing weekly facial treatments to cleanse and refresh the upper layer of the epidermis. Labidose will never leave skin irritated or stripped. This luscious treatment purifies and delivers minerals and nutrients to restore balance and calm inflammation.  This beautiful ritual seduces you as you take time for yourself and indulge in this vixen spa ritual weekly. 

Labidose Defoliating Scrub

Gently rubbing the skin in circular motions with our Epsom salt and coconut oil scrub removes dead skin cells in a process known as exfoliation. Dead skin cells harden with age. The longer they lie on the surface of the skin, the harder they get. This layer of skin will become thicker and thicker until it is finally removed. Layers of dead skin cells can make the skin look dry and flaky; exfoliation with a salt scrub reveals the moist, shiny skin hidden underneath. The Epsom salt exfoliates while the coconut oil softens the skin for a smoother and deeper exfoliation.

Labidose Bamboo and Clay Detoxifying Mask

Reset your skin with this gentle, rejuvenating mask. Bamboo charcoal is the main component of this cleansing mud mask due to its high silica content, making it an ideal choice for detoxifying skin. Made with a soothing blend of bentonite and kaolin clays. Our clays have the extractive abilities to removes surface oil and oil within skin that clog pores and cause blackheads. Bentonite and kaolin clays naturally have a negative electromagnetic charge, while the majority of toxins under your skin have a positive charge. This makes Labidose treatments ideal for drawing out impurities, detoxifying, and evening skin tone. 

 Labidose Re-Hydrating Anti-Wrinkle Cream

The term re-hydration describes how Retinol A, derivatives Vitamin A, unclogs pores, boost collagen to reduce fine lines, and speed cell turnover to even out discoloration and smooth the skin. The first Retinol A was FDA approved almost 40 years ago as a prescription acne treatment. Dermatologists soon noticed that patients on Retinol A experienced not just clearer but softer, brighter, less-lined skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is naturally found within our bodies, in the deeper layers of our skin known as the dermis. Unfortunately, our skin's natural Hyaluronic Acid content can decrease as we age. That's where Labidose comes in. Smoothing our Hyaluronic Acid Cream onto your skin in the morning, as well as at night, can help to nourish and hydrate your skin, giving you a youthful-looking, healthy glow. Radiant, vibrant skin can be yours with Labidose Retinol-A and Hyaluronic Acid Cream


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